Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cha Am Beach is Popular Beach in Phetchaburi

Cha Am Beach is Popular Beach in PhetchaburiCha-am Beach is renowned for the best beach in Phetchaburi. You can get a donkey ride if you want one and it is possible to rent bicycles to explore the area. There are also herds of food stalls selling excellent snacks. Cha-am is remarkable in that it is unremarkable this is a pleasant beach with green water and that’s about it.

Cha Am beach is another beautiful seaside resort area located at about 200 kms (124 miles) from Bangkok. Traveling by car will take about 2.5 hours. There are several good hotels along Cha Am beach road and also at nearby beaches.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Costa del Sol Beach - Natural Beach in Spain

The Costa Del Sol welcomes more than two million people a year who arrive at Malaga international airport and head to one of the many resorts located along this stretch of coastline from Gibraltar in the west to Nerja in the east.

The most well known resorts lie west of Malaga beginning with Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola and Mijas Costa. Further along the coast lies Marbella with its famous marina at Puerto Banus, Estepona, Sotogrande and finally Gibraltar.

With the Costa del Sol weather giving average annual temperatures of 18ºC and over 300 days of sunshine per year it isn't difficult to understand why it is one of Europe's top holiday destinations.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bora Bora is the Best Beach of the World

Bora Bora IslandBora Bora is in the Leeward group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, an overseas territory of France in the Pacific Ocean. The Bora Bora island located about 230 km (140 miles) northwest of Papeete, is surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef. In the center of the island are the remnants of an extinct volcano rising to two peaks, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, the highest point at 727 m. The original name of the Bora Bora beach in the Tahitian language might be better rendered as Pora Pora, meaning "First Born"; an early transcription found in 18th- and 19th century accounts, is Bolabolla.

The Bora Bora beach is administratively part of the commune of Bora-Bora Island, itself in the administrative subdivision of the Leeward Islands. As of 2002, the population was about 7,250 people. The major settlement, Vaitape is on the western side of the island, opposite the main channel into the lagoon. The products of the island are mostly limited to what can be obtained from the sea and coconut trees, which were historically of economic importance for copra.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

The Best Relaxing Beach - Miami Beach Marina on Florida

Miami Beach, United State of America; where the Atlantic Ocean merges with the Caribbean Sea Top 10 Beaches in the World.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Jomtien Beach is Most Popular Beach in Thailand

Jomtien Beach is Most Popular Beach in ThailandThe Jomtien Beach is located about 2 kilometers from south Pattaya. This beach and the area has become more and more popular for swimming, water sports and activities because it has a long straight coastline and there are less boat anchored in the area.

There are many good hotels, bungalows, guest houses and many restaurants. A lot of tourists come to this area and enjoy the scenery and the beach. Chairs are available to sit and to have food and drink, or to go swimming. Water sports such as wind surf, water scooter, para sail, speed boat riding, even water skiing are possible.

Along the straight beach road there are so many souvenir shops, restaurants, food stalls, and good sea food restaurants are available, especially at almost the far end of the beach road.

Transportation in Pattaya and Jomtien area is simple. The open pick up cars are running all the time just like mini bus or taxi.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Nudist Beach of Capocotta Beach in Italy

The Nudist Beach of Capocotta Beach in ItalyThe beach of Capocotta is situated on the coast south of Rome, between Ostia and Tor Vaianica. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Latium's littoral. In the 70s it was known as Il Buco (The Hole) because the first bathers reached the beach passing through a hole of the enclosure. Capocotta was part of an old estate. The owners wanted to build on it more than 1700 villas, but the Council of Public Works stopped them. Behind Capocotta Beach there are tall ancient dunes, the only ones that remain after the rest of the south coast was lotted. Nudists of the early 70s choosed Capocotta because of its beauty and because very few people used to go there as it was a wild place. Typical textil bathers in fact look for sea-side resorts or want bars and restaurants by the beach. At that time there was none of them on Capocotta and on the outskirts. But, little by little, more people came to Capocotta beach: the near beach of Castelporziano was so crowded that bathers started to look for a better place. Castelporziano free beach was frequented by people that weren't rich enough to pay for sea-side resorts of Ostia.

At the end of the 80s the situation on Capocotta beach was tragic: nudists were besieged by people with bathing-suits, moralists, exhibitionists and males staring at nudist girls. Police raids against nude people, as usually wanted by moralists, changed things for the worse. In Italy, Many nudists stopped going to Capocotta beach so came more exhibitionists, that are not afraid of the police (to them it is an exciting thrill!), and used to have sex on the beach or behind the dunes. I've been told that in the 80s Capocotta was used like back-drop for many porno movies!

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Relaxing Beaches in France

Nude Beach in FranceWith three different bodies of water along its coastlines France has plenty of water front for its beautiful beaches, and a variety of settings to please any sunbather. From the warm crystal blue water of the Mediterranean Sea, to the long, sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, to the picturesque coastline along the English Channel, French beaches are varied and plentiful. In addition, beaches in France are know for their liberal attitude towards bathing attire, as many sunbathers tan topless, or even nude. For a more wholesome experience there are designated family beaches in some areas. Which coast you hit depends on what you’re looking for.

Relaxing on France BeachThe beaches in the south of France, nestled on the Mediterranean Sea, are typically warmer, sandier, and more expensive to vacation in than other areas of France, as the jet set crowed likes to play in the surf on the French Rivera. Nice is one of the the more modestly priced towns, while St. Tropez and Cannes are more posh, along with their coveted sandy beaches in the south of France. Of course, the glamor of a riviera vacation is sometimes worth expense, and the sunny Mediterranean can’t be beat. If you’re feeling a bit risque, there are plenty of natural and topless beaches in France. There are designated family beaches, but along the boulevards nobody seems to mind, or get to out of hand. If you brought your yacht, as many of the celebrities do, don’t limit yourself to the crowded beaches in the south of France, near the cities of the rivera, cruise up the coast and find a less crowded beach.

The beaches in France along the Atlantic are longer and less crowded then their counterparts on the French Riviera, but the bustling hot spots can get every bit as dense. The Atlantic keeps the water cooler than the Mediterranean, and the ocean waves rolling in are a boon to surfers. The northern coastline features the historic D-day beaches, as well as beaches for sunbathing and surfing.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Bali Beach is Best Southeast Asia Destination

Medewi Beach of BaliMedewi Beach
Continuing along the path towards Gilimanuk, near the village of Pulukan, the beach of Medewi is another beautiful beach in Bali.

On the southeastern side of Bali, Sanur beach is easily reachable from Denpasar, about a 5 to 10 minute drive. Sanur is an excellent site to watch the sun rises, as you jog along the white sandy beach. Being one of the first resort developed in Bali, Sanur maintains its traditions. Only a stone thrown away from the beach,ancient temples stand as solemn as they have been in centuries past.

Kuta and Legian
Kuta and Legian : Practically on the opposite side of Sanur, the beaches of Kuta and Legian stretch on the southwestern side of Bali, again only about 5 to 10 minute drive from Denpasar or the airport. Surfing is a major activity in these beaches. Shops, Kecak dance performances, pubs, and other facilities make Kuta a tourist mecca.

Jimbaran is directly south of the airport, on the way from Denpasar towards Nusa Dua. The village of Jimbaran is the narrow neck of the island of Bali, and thus it has two remarkably different beaches. On the west, Jimbaran Beach faces the Jimbaran Bay, recently lined by new luxurious resorts. On the east, the beach faces the body of water sheltered by Benoa Harbor.

Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua is a new luxurious resort area where the world's most sumptuous hotels gracefully integrate into the beautiful white beaches. Crystal clear water provides excellent snorkeling and diving site, and the waves on the northern and the southern part of Nusa Dua allow for great surfing opportunity.

Soka Beach
Further northwest from Denpasar, on the way to Gilimanuk, the ferry port town that connects Bali and Java, there is a small quiet beach called Soka Beach.

Lovina Beach

Near the northern tip of the island of Bali lies a stretch of villages by the Bali Sea. Lovina Beach is the name. It is well known as an excellent site for sunset watching, snorkeling, and diving. Night life activities are also abound, as well as chartered boats to go out into the sea. If you like what Kuta offers but do not like the crowd, Lovina Beach is for you.

Bali Hotels Nearby...

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Friday, March 09, 2007

North Baker Beach is Wonderful Nude Beach at San Francisco

North Baker Beach is Wonderful Nude Besch at San FranciscoNorth Baker Beach is considered by many to be San Francisco's most beautiful beach, with its small expanse of clean sand, super views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands, and its relatively protected location east of Land's End and west of the Bridge. You'll see volleyball and Frisbee players as well as dog-walkers and simple beachcombers. A large parking area separates the beach from a spacious wooded picnic area whose tables are well used by families and other large groups. Bring the camera, because the afternoon sun shining on the bridge makes for great photo ops.

his is fantastic beach for both nude and clothed beachgoers. Overall it has great scenery and is a definite must for nude beachgoers when visiting San Francisco. The water is very cold, so taking a dip feels good, but staying in the water more than a few minutes is not comfortable.

If you're into sunbathing or swimming in the buff, head north along the beach past the high tide sign on the hill. North Baker, the next beach toward the Golden Gate Bridge, is one of the Bay Area's favorite nude beaches, though clothed visitors will often wander into the area.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Boracay Island of a Sugary White Sand Beach and Azure Blue Water

Boracay IslandBoracay Island combines crystal clear waters, sugary beaches and lush landscapes into an idyllic tourist haven that is guaranteed to fascinate and lull visitors into tranquil harmony with its simplistic beauty.

Travellers commonly refer to Boracay as a heart stomping, unbelievably magical Island in the middle of the Philippines. A paradise set in the South China Sea.

The small island, only seven kilometers long and one kilometer wide at its narrowest point, is located just off the northern tip of Panay Island.

Boracay IslandThe northern and southern parts of the island rise with elevations of 100 meters above sea level. The Island has numerous scattered villages interconnected by a maze of intriguing jungle pathways.

Boracay boasts the world's finest beaches - a broad 3.5 kilometer stretch of drenched sand, washed by perpetually turquoise-ish water, a nature worshipper's heaven on earth.

White Beach runs almost the entire length of the western side of the island. During the peak season (December till July) White Beach is ideal for day frolics in its warm water, to cool off from those sweaty summer's tropical heat.


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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Similan Island Perfect Beautiful Andamanensee in Thailand

Similan IslandMu Ko Similan a group of 9 small islands 50 kms. off the west coast of Phang-Nga in the Andaman Sea. The National Park covers an area of 80,000 rai.

Skin Diving Magazine rated them among the ten loveliest places on Earth, because of the great natural beauty found on the islands themselves and also because of the extensive surrounding coral gardens beneath the waves.

The islands are undeveloped and unspoiled; numerous species of fish, crustaceans, and other forms of sea-life abound; water clarity and diving are excellent. Similan is corrupted from the Malay Sembilan and means nine. From north to south in order the islands are: Koh Bon, Koh Ba Ngu, Koh Similan, Koh Pahyoo, Koh Miang (two islands), Koh Pahyan, Koh Payahng andKoh Hu Yong.

Koh Ba Ngu: is also called Hua Gah Lok or Skull Island. Beneath the waters, a field of grass and coral appear to be growing in a deep valley. Schools of fish are everywhere.

Koh Similan: is the largest island. It has a long curving bay, and beneath the waters coral reefs remain pristine. The beach is composed of fine grain sand. Diving to look at the fishes and corals is strongly recommended. At the island's northend are bizarrely shaped big boulders; one looks like a soldier's boot, another is shaped like a sailboat. Here also is an excellent view.

Koh Miang: is actually two islands connected and forms the second largest land mass in the group after Koh Similan. The National Park Office is here, and there is a fine beach where visitors can stay.

Koh Hu Yong: has the Similans longest white sandy beach. From November till February sea turtles come up to lay eggs and their tracks may be seen in the sand.

Travel to the Mu Ko Similans Phang-Nga Thailand

Similan IslandIs easy from either Phang-Nga or Phuket. Chartered boats leave from Lap Lamu Pier in Tai Meuang District of Phang-Nga and take about 3 hours to reach the islands.

Here is also the office of National Park located. Alternatively, trips to the Similans can be arranged in Phuket. A boat trip from Patong Beach takes 4 hours. Divers, however, go to the islands on boats that leave from Patong Beach and also take 4 hours by diving companies. Moreover, visitors can leave from Chalong Bay on scuba diving excursions.

These leave in the evenings and take about 7 hours. A typical dive trip lasts 4 nights and 3 days, and includes 10 dives. Prices range from 9,000 to 25,000 baht, depending on the level of luxury, and include food, and accommodations. The Similans are regarded as mainly "deep water" diving.

The best time to visit the Similan islands is from December through April, March being the best month, when the winds are lowest and the water clearest.


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Friday, February 16, 2007

Jumeirah Beach Number of Beautiful Beach in Dubai

Jumeirah BeachDubai has a number of beautiful beaches and beach parks offering a wide range of recreational and entertainment facilities to its visitors. The year round sunshine and excellent soft sandy beaches along the coast are ideal for relaxing, lazing or sun bathing.

For the more active, there are watersports to be enjoyed in the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf. Winters in Dubai are pleasant and so the beaches are full of holidaymakers. During summer temperatures can reach up to 45-50 degrees centigrade with equally high humidity.

Jumeirah Beach is the most famous and popular beach in Dubai. Actually, it is a long stretch of beach on the Arabian Gulf flanked by hotels and private clubs, interspaced by a few public access beaches. The Jumeirah beaches have soft white sand that slip into the shallow warm turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf.

There is also a public beach at Al Mamzar Park on the Deira side of the Creek. The public facilities include playgrounds, barbecue sites, food kiosks, and picnic areas for families.

Enjoy yearlong sunshine on pristine and relatively less crowded beaches in Dubai. You may contact the water sports clubs in city for qualified tuition in windsurfing, water-skiing, sailing and even scuba diving.

Dubai beaches offer a plenty of recreational activities including beach volleyball, jet skiing, deep-sea fishing, paragliding, windsurfing or any other water-sport you desire to enjoy.

Beach-wear is fine for both men and women on the beach. But, it is advisable to change into casual, everyday wear before you leave the beach.


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Monday, February 12, 2007

Hanalei Bay Beach Best Beach in Hawaii

Hanalei Bay BeachLovely Hanalei Bay on Kauai’s North Shore may be the most beautiful beach setting in all of Hawaii. Hanalei is the largest bay on the island of Kauai and nearly a perfect semi-circle of white sand.

Behind the beach is an utterly breathtaking backdrop of waterfalls and emerald mountain peaks wrapped in mist, soaring thousands of feet towards the heavens. The beach is two miles long, 125 feet wide, and bordered by the Hanalei River to the east and the Waipa River to the west.

The ocean bottom slopes gently to overhead depths, and there are large coral reefs at both ends of the bay. Every ocean recreation activity you can imagine is available, from boating and windsurfing to kayaking up the placid Hanalei River.

The bay is very popular with serious surfers. There is a public boat ramp and a 300-foot long pier used for fishing and swimming. The many “no dogs” and “no jumping off the pier” signs are blissfully ignored.


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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pasir Panjang Beach, Malaysia

Pasir Panjang Beach MalaysiaPasir Panjang Beach, Malaysia or affectionately known as Long Beach, is the longest stretch of white sandy beach in Redang. It is located on the eastern side of the island.

There are a lot of resorts on this stretch, ranging for basic ones like Redang Reef Resort to the architecturally-wonderful Laguna Redang Beach Resort.

Pasir Panjang beach, Malaysia has the highest concentration of sun worshippers since almost all of Redang's resorts are located at here.

The water is extremely crystal clear. During the day, the beach is buzzing with a hive of beach activities. There are at least 3 or 4 beach volleyball courts stretching along the shoreline. Occasionally, you can also find the tourists and locals playing beach soccer or futsal.

The mid-section of Pasir Panjang Beach, Malaysia is devoid of any coral growth, providing sun-worshippers with an excellent swimming area. You will be amazed by the colour of the ocean that ranges from deep blue to light milky blue especially during a sunny day.

For avid snorkelers, there is a family of baby sharks roaming around on the far left-end of the beach in a snorkeling spot called Tanjung Tengah. There is 90% chance of you spotting them, so this is an opportunity not to be missed! Otherwise, on the far right hand side is a decent snorkeling spot called Tanjung Mak Cantik which is fronting Redang Reef Resort.

In short, activities galore on this beautiful beach. Just get your sun-tan lotions and sun-shade, then head here.


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Monday, January 15, 2007

Pattaya Beach - Paradise Beaches In Thailand.

Pattaya Beach, Thailand

Pattaya BeachPattaya Beach, Thailand some 4 kilometers long, this beach faces Pattaya Bay, the major venue from where boats visit Pattaya's offshore islands.

The beach curves from north to south and is largely paralleled by a tree-lined promenade and beach road, which is lined, in the northern and central parts, by hotels and restaurants.

The northern section of the beach is largely tranquil, while the central and southern parts become increasingly lively, thanks to a juxtaposition of shops, department stores, boutiques, beauty salons, supermarkets, bars, discotheques, restaurants and night clubs. The central area of the beach is a major shopping area, while the southern end is one of Pattaya's major nightlife areas.

Jomtien Beach, Thailand

Sun Set At Jomtien BeachJomtien Beach, Thailand this 6-kilometers long, largely straight beach, some 4 kilometers south of Pattaya, is the most notable of several beaches south of the resort.

Jomtien Beach, Thailand is popular with windsurfs and waterspouts enthusiasts, largely because the area enjoys brisk and fresh breezes sweeping inland from the Thai Gulf, and because the seas are less congested with boats than is Pattaya Bay.

Jomtien is also a major residential area with beachside hotels, bunga low complexes, condominiums and restaurants.

Wong Prachan Beach, Thailand

Won Prachan Beach, Thailand is on the northern side of Pattaya Bay. The 1-kilometer beach shares the same entrance as the Central Wong Amat Hotel. A quiet spot, the beach is ideal for swimming and relaxation.


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